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January 17, 2022
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Come Sit a Spell and We'll Play For You...
The music on this CD is raw, loose, and laid back, yet it rocks... The idea was to just have fun and see what happens... to me, the blues come from the heart... it's not how fast you can play or how good you can sing... listen to some old acoustic blues... and you will get what I'm talking about... our setup was simple... just play... I had the mics set in the general area of each player and with the best of luck possible we captured some of it... I hope ya enjoy it!

Buy Blues Take Me Home at
Buy Big River Blues at or buy it at

Dusty, Red, Bruce & Mad Dog Mix It Up and Lay It Down
When I hooked up with Red and Bruce, all the 'Spice' was added for some tasty playing... I'd just run an idea by Red and Bruce... and let them take it... in a direction... and I'd try to hang on... when we added Tom 'Mad Dog' Fields to the mix... you can hear the results!... many thanks to them for their total support and patience!

The music was recorded during the Winter of 2000 and the Spring of 2001 with a few of my solo pieces done in the Winter of 2002, just four mics into a four track Tascam 414 deck, and using a Behringerer Composer Pro MDX2200 to a Phillips CD recorder...

"You don't need no gypsy to tell you why,
You can't let one precious day slip by..."
--Gregg Allman

Musical and Philosophical inspiration:
Duane Allman, John Hammond, Paul Geremia, Richard Betts & Gregg Allman

Click the track title for a 30 second Windows Media sound clip:

1. Clouds Prologue
2. Segue talk...
3. Going Down Slow
4. Mean Old World
5. Special Rider
6. Clouds
7. Crow Jane
8. Catfish Blues
9. Still Sittin' (on top of the world)
10. Back Way To Nowhere
11. Blues Take Me Home....

Outtakes, alternate versions, and jams...

12. Bloopers Deluxe... Mad Dog... intro
13. Mean Old World
14. Crow Jane
15. Blues Take Me Home....
16. Two Trains... (for the station)
17. Me And My Black Dogs
18. Shadows In The Rain
19. Sun Gonna Shine
20. Interview with Midnight Rose
21. Red's Riff

Email to book Dusty or for more information.
Copyright 2000-2003 J. Dustin Sommers.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. All trademarks and copyrights are retained by the respective companies.
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