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April 20, 2021
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Bruce Vallone

Bruce W. Vallone No-name Stand-up Bass, '71 Fender Percission Bass and a '95 Fender fretless jazz bass. I was born in Providence, RI in 1955. My Mom played baritone horn in her High School band. I remember her always singing along with the radio to the Bass parts. My dad brought home the 'Meet the Beatles' album and I was hooked on music!!! A good friend told me to play Bass, not guitar, because I'll always work, and he was right!!! I've been playing steady all styles for over 27 years!!! I live on Keech Pond (better bass fishing than Johnson's Pond) in RI with my daughter, Kay and wife Carlene. Life is pretty good! I hope you enjoy our Music from our CD "Blues Take Me Home..." Take Care, Bruce

David "Rhode Island" Reo

David 'Rhode Island' Reo - Gibson J-200, a National Duolain Steel , and a Gib Dave spend much of the early '70s playing in various bands on the East Coast, then seeking a change, headed out to the West Coast and spend the next 22 years playing up and down the California Coast, with his Band 'The David Reo Band' and then in 'The Preachers'. In the summer of 1999, after one to many earthquakes, returned back to RI....California's loss is RI's gain, the inter-play between Bruce, Dave, MadDog & Dusty at many times, takes on a almost Cosmic connection, with long improvisinal Jams, that continue to reach new heights.... He recentally purchased a Lakeside Cottage on Quidnick Pond, a few miles from Idlewild East , the studio/home of Dusty and spends his free time fishing. To check out Red's sound... To buy Red's music... To Email Red

Tom "Mad Dog" Field

Tom "Mad Dog" Field - Oscar Blues harps,Shure Green Bullet Mic A True WILD MAN from way back!!!,,,Mad Dog, a longtime Harp player has played all up and down the East Coast, with acts Harvey Mandel, KoKo Taylor, Sleepy LeBeef and Ike Turner jr. among many others!!! He currentally enjoys being a GreaseMonkey on his rabid 'Land Crusier'and working on his new house, a few miles from Dusty! and has been in the recording studio with the band, "Elijah" To email Mad Dog

Larry Lightening
Larry is a good jammin buddy of Dusty's and a vital part of the Rhode Island based Lightening Brothers! Brother Larry ,all so known 'T Blade" for his talents forging knifes....Is a inseparable part of the Brother's....his blazing leads on both electric and acoustic and vocal input crosses over into Folk, Rock, Country and Good time music...a true Character!!!(the only person to call me from Ankara ,Turkey which he took his reso along!!! lol) Playing a Martin. a Resophnic, A Strat, a Rickenbacker and a custom made 'John Judge' (see in pic) a all round fun guy who in the summer can been seen with a guitar strapped to his back roaring down the highway on his Harley!!!

Brian Lightening
Brian is another vital part of the Lightening Brothers and also a jammin' friend of Dusty's! Brother Brian plays a wide range of styles,, from Folk Rock to Bluegrass to Country,, a multi instrumentalist... playing his beloved Martin D35...among a slew of others including a Resophnic and Mandolin the flat picking style... One of the original Lightin Brothers with Brother Steve. who he has been with playing since the early 70's... His vocal style is one of the main voice's in the Lightening Brother's... and he can be found many times fishin' on Big River with Dusty... To email Brian

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A Interview with Dusty Sommers
Posted on Tuesday, November 08, 2005 - 12:00 AM
...About a year ago, Pam gave Me 10 questions, and I thought 'this will be fast...' but the more I did it, the longer it got! and I guess it touchs on all My how could it be short....
So till I get Miz Pammy to edit it up a bit here's a teaser...on the early Newport Folk Fest's & my first meeting with Brother Duane...

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CDBABY CD's 100% donated to the Red Cross!
Posted on Thursday, September 01, 2005 - 11:46 PM
Hey Folks, as we all know about the damage Hurricanne Katrina has done to the Gulf Coast, I will be donating 100% of my sales on my CD's, Big River Blues & Blues take me home..., to the Red Cross...

Note: Big River Blues
Blues take me home...
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Upcoming GIGS and New Downloads of all Dusty's CD's
Posted on Friday, July 15, 2005 - 11:33 AM
Here is the new linkeroo for Dusty appearances!
My Sonicbids Gig Calendar
Dusty Downloads too!

Note: here's the url for all the download sites all over the world and both CD's are on them! ya have to copy and paste it for the time being!
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Dusty's notes on the cosmic auction
Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2005 - 07:17 AM

A while back Pam, brought to my attention the auction during the Beacon run in NYC, for the Big House Foundation and a scholarship fund for Brothers Bobo's daughter....

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Whooo Hoooo Lanaroo!
Posted on Saturday, November 29, 2003 - 10:23 AM
By: Dusty Sommers

Hmm lets see here, Lanaroo... seems like it was a long time ago.... lol...
Ok, here I go. Before I left Friday morn' (11/14), the power went out a few times. The winds were clocking up to 50 plus miles per hour, or so I'm told every time it came back on, the burgler alarm came on. So it was a up and down night. Got up around 6:30 am - usually dont get up till after 9, but Pam wanted a early yea right, with me heheheh). So I loaded up the Coachman with more than enough guitars and clothes, and Jake the Doberman,( that ole Boy Scout thang..of 'being prepared') and left.....

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