Thread: John'Crawlin' Snake' Mac

Dusty - 8/22/2003 at 12:27 AM

here's another cat,,,,originally from California...but been on the east coast and in RI for about 10 years,,, this guys Burns!!! trust me on that a real nice guy... and loves to fish too check out his website.. and definally check out his music!!!! and tell him I sent ya!!!!

Dusty - 12/13/2010 at 01:25 AM

aahhh how time flys...My Buddy... John Mac passed from Hep C a few months back..... he said he would drink him self to his grave....and he did..... the last song I've seen him do on the net on youtube ' was 'God is Dead' was a very twisted video and song.... and i know he liked it that way.......
seeya again My Freind....sooner or were one heck of a Guitar player !!!!

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