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Pam - 8/11/2003 at 02:57 PM

Just to help get this forum rolling along a little bit here I am offering a small incentive, in the form of a guitar pick.
So whoever posts on here about their own technique and tone I will send them a pick that has Dusty's .com on it. Let us know what you got going on! PM your address too so I can send out your pick and of course always a little something extra.....

raven - 8/14/2003 at 07:20 AM

well i use a gibson firebirdV for slide ( a '76') and a strat for standard, all through a classic 30 with a sovtek 4- 10 cabinet, crybaby wah,tube screamer and a mxr distortion+ for a bit of boost!!( not much of a distorted sound just enough to feedback when i need to ) although the firebird is due for a fret job.Just did a Jazz and Blues Fest. here in New Zealand up in the bay of islands a nice touristy resorty sort of place.(my band is a three piece i play bass and then swap to guitar for my songs) anyway take care. Brendan

LinnieXX - 8/14/2003 at 06:57 PM

i basically use my fingers. can't hold a pick to save my life.

then again, can't play the guitar to save my life either. but here is a picture of me trying:

Pam - 8/15/2003 at 12:25 PM

That mean you don't want a pick Linnie?

LinnieXX - 8/15/2003 at 07:21 PM

oh pammy no, that's ok! save it for someone else. i'll stand in front of dusty at a show and hopefully he will chuck one my way

raven - 8/16/2003 at 11:45 PM

grab a pick and pick and practice,practice,practice

yurtle - 8/17/2003 at 11:38 AM

Never use a tool for what you can do by hand, right Linnie. (no pict needed here)

LinnieXX - 8/18/2003 at 01:22 PM

well said yurtle!

WasntBorn2Follow - 8/19/2003 at 01:43 AM

I want an offer for those bad ass black pencils!!!!

TopDroog - 9/11/2003 at 12:06 AM

I never use a pick . . . never have, really.

I fiddle around with a number of different styles, but what I play the most is country blues and ragtime fingerstyle. Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, and Blind Blake are a few of the artists I try to emulate - maybe a little RJ or Son House stuff, but not much.

I also gobble up just about anything that comes out on the Stefan Grossman "Guitar Artistry" series. I'll also do a little classic ragtime (transcribed for guitar) now and then, but learning a complete peice (The Entertainer, Maple Leaf Rag, Heliotrope Bouquet, etc.) takes a pretty serious time commitment [perhaps I'm just not that good, heh], and with that stuff, if you don't use it, you'll definitely lose it. I used to be able to play some long, hard peices . . . that I simply don't remember.

Search up Stefan Grossman on Amazon and listen to some of the clips from Yazoo Basin Boogie or Black Melodies on a Clear Afternoon and you'll get an idea of the sound and technique I shoot for.

Dusty - 9/13/2003 at 02:15 AM

..funny I never used one till I got my own picks,,,, it was always useing all of my right hand in one form or the other and alot of up and down thumb work!!! but now with these dang pics all over...Ive been using them, but still prefer 'fingerstyle'

Linnie , you look good playing the guitar.... its easy,,, hes how I learned,," if it sounds bad,, dont do it again,, if it sounds good do it a few times... ..whos the dude in the cap trying to find the doorout.

Raven can u hear me damn Bro,nice set up.. I use a small danelecrto.. or a old Fender champ.....for my les paul jr.....

Pam - 9/15/2003 at 11:51 AM

Where is that raven anyway? raven? I have a package started for you but I am waiting for one more thing to make it complete before I send it out to you!

CanPeach - 9/16/2003 at 11:45 PM

I have this Fender multi-colored light pick I use for strumming, gives a real nice sound and I've had if for years, surprised I've never lost it. I like a heavier one for picking notes though. Never got the hang of finger picking, don't know how Derek Trucks does it, he makes it look so easy!

Sherrick - 9/17/2003 at 11:02 PM

I'm still under constant experimentation...haven't quite found that tone I want just yet...but I know that whatever the tone is, it involves peavey and fender heavy picks, no matter the guitar, of which I have both electric and accoustic. Been leaning towards the accoustic lately because of portability, being on campus most of the time, lugging around all my amps and whatnot is a pain.

Pam: no need for a pick, unless you've got a ton...send it on over to your cousin to put in the package of Les she's sending back to me.

*edit* I figured I should add a little more. both of my guitars are Fenders, although I'm switching to Gibson once I put together the money for a SG. I use .12's, on the accoustic, and .11's on the electric. I have an old Ibanez amp that I'm growing tired of, and will soon be replacing it, most likely with a Marshall, Mesa Boogie or Line6. I play clean when I'm playing by myself, which is the vast majority of the time, but when I'm playing with others, I have a Danelectro pedal that I give myself a touch of distortion and bite with, especially when I'm playing slide...I like the sound of a slightly distorted slide guitar....its the one part of my tone I'm satisfied with, although when I buy a new amp, it might

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cortezthekiller - 9/18/2003 at 02:31 AM

I use a gibson SG classic in red, with p90 pickups and 24 frets and unfortunately my acoustic is a very hard to play yamaha F-310....been playin about 4-5 yrs now and I play basically on top of my scales and jazz scales and other theory....a Whole lot of dead, ABB, and Neil. On the acoustic, I do a bunch of neil and dylan with the harmonica attachment....and a lot of crazy horse stuff with the dead, ABB, Zeppelin and much more miscellanious brazilian jazz tunes and other classic rock-jamband songs on my electric. Also like to jam out on the piano with blues, jazz, and ragtime for about 8 yrs now.

You can't really get enough picks!

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Dusty - 9/19/2003 at 04:53 AM

Broose the Bass player came over tonite with his Fender fretless Bass and a peavy I pluged in My Les Paul Jr. into a small Danelectro amp,first time we ever did that and damn that little thing sound great with a slide,,,,very raw..... played a few endless grooves.... it was good just talking guitars...and Broose,, was telling me about him turning on his daughter ( who plays Bass too ) to Idlewild South...and then Mountain jam !!! Berry was one of his Inspirations!! i
I gave him 2 picks,,,,

fast43 - 11/24/2003 at 08:15 AM

I mostly play acoustic these days with a Guild D30 carved maple back and sides. A good heavy box for booming bass lines on a shuffle, has good country sound too.

Electric I have a Strat American Standard through an early 70's Fender Vibrosonic Reverb with a 15" JBL speaker and green Ibenez Tube Screamer. Sometimes I use a DigiTech Harmony Machine.It has about 64 different effects. I can get a twin sound out of that that sounds very similar to the sound on Hot 'Lanta. Another setting I use gives me a sound like the chrorus that Lonnie Mack uses.

Dusty - 2/7/2004 at 03:24 PM

Guild D30 carved maple back a very nice guitar... years ago I had a friend who worked in the old company a few miles from here and I got a factory second ,a D15M....for a little trade..... a great git box..booming sound

Dusty - 6/29/2005 at 01:13 AM

I need some more pick's....I give those out to so many people and kids at gigs....just mailed a few out to Poland!!!

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