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Dusty - 8/9/2003 at 02:18 AM

hey they ,, for those of you interested in my 'style' ..its pretty basic,,,all open tunings,, I'll try any thing... open A, G, C, E, D, slack key,and a 12 string tunning that John Hammond showed me,years ago..a whole step down from standard DAFCDC that I use to play kinda like Blind Lenon Jeffersons tunes,, and then just tune up the C to D for doing a Blind Willie Mctell kinda thing,,,

the strings I use,,, are the thickest I can varies from guitar to guitar,, I buy them bulk.. Bronze or Phosphor Bronze...15 ,17 a unwound third either a 26 or a 28,35 45, and a 56 or 58...some times a gauge lighter,thats for my wood top acoustics,,, and its kinda hard on the guitar ,but it gets a very deep and ringing sound,,,
all except for my old 57 Gibson LG-O which I use a med set of martin marquis,, and adding a unwound 26..and I keep it in a open D... and capo up it I want to E,, its got that old Gibson sound that I love ...
and my old maple body Guild Maderia which I tune in a DADGAD tuning , which was devised my Davey Graham from England to play with Moroccan oud players,,,Jimmy Pages used it on a few early Led Zepplin tunes .. I like it cause a gives a 'pretty' harp like sounding ..... and if I want to use a slide its close to a open D...thats the only guitar that I dont use a unwound third on.... and do a lot of figerpicking. taping,sliding and banging on it .
and I change them whenever one breaks,,,or it doesnt stay in tune no more,,,, which can be over a year or so... when they get a bit grungy from my sweaty hands,, I use a rag with a little WD 40 on it and whipe them clean LOL really folks, this is what I do!!!,,
I was lucky enough to get alot of help and info from Brother John Hammond over the years,and he always told me to get the heaviest strings I could find and use a unwound 3rd..... and I like the sounds he gets , .... nuff about strings for now,,,, later, folks

raven - 8/14/2003 at 07:07 AM

Dusty what about resonator guitars, what do you use?

BROOSE - 8/16/2003 at 12:09 PM

If you listen carefully you'll be able to hear the percussion for all the songs, namely a board that dusty stomps on for time. Works great.
When i first met this dude, a mutuial friend, Doc, brought me over. I thought it was a joke, but this is Dusty. What you see is what he REALLY is.
Bless you Dusty, you old coot.

Dusty - 8/17/2003 at 11:21 PM

Broose yea..I gotta hear a beat..and I try to follow you lol

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BROOSE - 8/18/2003 at 10:42 AM

i will only lead you down the road to ruin!!

Dusty - 8/21/2003 at 01:39 AM

your a little late I know that road and have been on it many times before,, its the one a few miles over,,,,, at the crossroads...... and the church

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Pam - 8/21/2003 at 11:37 AM

See the CD cover...

Dusty - 8/23/2003 at 04:52 AM

Raven , ..hey there,, just saw ''Dusty what about resonator guitars, what do you use? '' from when I was offline,,
I have a Duolain Steet national style,,, and Dobro Hound Dog,, and a national style steel mandolin .... all are strung with med string except the National duolain,,, which is the heaviest I can get with a 28 unwound third,,,,

raven - 8/25/2003 at 12:14 AM

dusty thanks for the pm.

TopDroog - 9/11/2003 at 12:16 AM

Can I ask what the tuning is for your open C? I use that for a few English/Irish style fingerstyle peices, very pretty, then I tried to do some slide/blues on it, and I was like, "holy s***!" This is awesome . . . it was like I couldn't hit a wrong note. Anyway, that's C G C G C E, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I ask what you use because many moons ago I was trying to do some Page stuff, and I'm pretty sure his "open C" was different.


BTW, I never knew Davey Graham developed DADGAD - thanks for that tidbit.

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Dusty - 9/11/2003 at 04:19 AM

C G C G C E hey TD.... yeah thats the one I like best ,,, it has the sound now dont it???I've # a string or two,, but allways turn back there!!!!
yeah Davy Graham .mostly unherad of here ,, but to alot of the British guys in the early 60's ,He was a big influince on their playing..... just listen to early Zep...ect...
hey seeya later,,,,

CanPeach - 9/16/2003 at 12:20 AM

This seems like a very informative site, especially with these great threads for guitar players. I haven't read everything here yet, so this may have been answered here already, but in case it hasn't; Dusty, which acoustic guitar do you find the best for playing slide with? This could be easiest and/or best sounding. Great having you here to provide feedback for us fans and budding/practicing musicians!

Dusty - 9/26/2003 at 02:22 AM

This seems like a very informative site well thanks more than I can keep up with when I miss a few days,,,,so here goes... for acoustic slilde ,,, well I use a few( I got 12 or so ,,) and Ive never found a bad guitar to play slide with,lbut along time ago,,, Maddog told me to just get some cheap guitars,,, A old Washburn D12 I keep tuned in open G with a 26 unwound third ,,, also a 50 yr old Gibson LG- O...I keep tuned to open D.. its go a great neck on it,, and has a funky Gibson sound!!! all my guitars have a unwound third on them,,,except the 12 string and a Guild Madera which I keep in DADGAD
then theirs the Dobro , National Duolain,, and National mandolin...havent found a 'sweet' spot with a slide on it...but there must be one somewere
the one Im letting Pam use,, is a old Yamaha that sat in a closet for about 30 years,,, still had the tags with it,, and cost 159.00 back in 63 or so...that baby has a real nice sound and projection..... I used it on most of Big River Blues
I know she'll love it,, and make it sing like a bird
sorry it took so long to get back,, on this ,,, cause I love talking guitar,,,,damn its MY Life

Dusty - 10/14/2003 at 03:04 PM

well. hell finally froze over,, and I just got done changing all my strings....used a earnie ball custom gauge Phospher Studio bronze, medium,,on the Dobro and it sings even did my Les Paul jr. with Fender nickel 'original 150 ' and tuned it to standard lol.. I havent played slide in Standard tuning in over 30 years,, ,, it was Duane who first told me about open tunings.... so many years ago.....................

Sherrick - 10/16/2003 at 02:37 PM

standard???? ewwww....hehe.

hey, what am i saying, I play slide in standard!! oops.

Dusty - 10/16/2003 at 04:30 PM

what am i saying, I play slide in standard!! lol.. ya got any tips

Sherrick - 10/16/2003 at 06:25 PM you're the one who needs tips.

heh..I play in standard because I'm lazy...that way I dont have to change guitars if I'm playin' somewhere...I only have to bring one. Plus, I'm too tone deaf to do different tunings anyhow...well, not really tone deaf, but my right ear is kinda screwy from too many concerts without plugs.

I've never played slide in any alternate tunings anyhow, unless you count down a half step alternate...I just picked up a slide and went with it....kinda like the guitar, too...took one lesson when I bought my first, and the teacher was a dork, so I didn't go to any more.

Dusty - 11/9/2003 at 10:41 PM you're the one who needs tips.
Man, I need all the help I can get!!! lol
trust me on that one !!!

Dusty - 11/2/2004 at 08:19 PM

I had a fun night last night showing my friend Greg, how to play Country Blues.. just told him to 'forget everything ya know about guitar,,,' and it sounded damn I'm trying to get him to go to a open mic

Dusty - 4/1/2006 at 04:18 AM

Well that cat took a powder..dident last long,,,I hate it when that happens,, things start to click..then nothing.... gone... other things to do..... yea right!
My new style is letting my guitar strings rust then sandpaper

becksbolero - 12/24/2006 at 04:14 AM

I use a rag with a little WD 40 on it and whipe them clean LOL really folks, this is what I do!!!

i'll have to try this. WD 40 - 1002 uses?

Dusty - 1/2/2007 at 04:40 AM

just use a little...and I'll rub some black off... they sound better... but if ya hate changing strings like I do.. its a easy way out....
I usually take my 2 hardest, my 12 string, my mando, at a time, every year or so, to the local music store and give them the special string guages..let them do it for 10 bucks lol..

alican - 8/21/2009 at 11:08 AM

It's really nice information.I am new to this forum and I found this forum lovely.

Dusty - 11/16/2014 at 04:39 PM

Damn... Style? style !! I ain't got no stinking Style !!! I made it up as I go along, works for Me!!!! at times..... haha Peace n Happiness!!!!

well ty alice..... alican

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