Thread: What's in your CD player?

WasntBorn2Follow - 8/9/2003 at 05:57 PM


If you can get around to answering this, I was wondering what music you have been listening to recently?


Dusty - 8/10/2003 at 04:32 AM

hey there Jeremy,,, aahh lets go see,,, well its been raining alot,,, and I kinda load my rack up... with a certian feeling,,, a rainy day feel... so theres one of the Fillmore concerts,,, I gotta get my 'Liz Reed'... if I had a nickle for everytime Ive played that!!!.. and Hittin the Note,,, I like that very much the playing,, the vocals,,, its all good,,,
Tampa Red, the BlueBird recordings 1934-1936.. lov the sound of his national tricone.. BB King Live at the Apollo" Love that man, he was the one who introduced me to 'Son House'...I have many stories about "B", Monster Mike Welch...Axe to Grind...good electric Blues,,,More ABB'Where it All Begins" ...some times I need to hear the words to ...'Everybodys got a mountain to climb" and Robert Johnson, the Complete Recordings... late night music with the rain coming down,,,,puts it all in persepctive............thanks for asking,,,, take care....

BROOSE - 8/16/2003 at 12:01 PM

Hey Dusty, you gotta tell 'em about the Star Trek sings the blues you have.
Jim Kirk's rendition of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" is a hoot.

Pam - 8/16/2003 at 04:53 PM


Rusty - 8/18/2003 at 09:17 PM

Hey Pam and Dusty,

I stuck something in the mail for you on Friday. With routine power failures you should receive it by Wednesday.

WasntBorn2Follow - 8/19/2003 at 01:42 AM


Dusty - 8/21/2003 at 03:07 AM

Rusty I talked to Pam last night,,,,, very cool, my man.. and thanks much!!! I havent heard it yet,, but Pam read off the track listing....sound real good,, I love finding old only is it a rare find,, but,,, the Deep Blues,, reminds me that,,,, there has always been trouble...sorrow...and misery... its Universal... it alwasy there ,in one way or the other,, to hear the original recordings of these folks.... singing their Blues Me , is so UpLifiting!!!
again,, much thanks,,,, and thanks for thinking of us

Pam - 8/21/2003 at 11:28 AM

Hey Pam and Dusty,

I stuck something in the mail for you on Friday. With routine power failures you should receive it by Wednesday.
Thanks a whole big bunch! I think a couple of these songs definitely must get revived! (hint, hint)

CanPeach - 9/17/2003 at 01:04 AM

Just ordered Big River Blues from this site. This cd sounds perfect for my quiet weekend mornings with my morning coffee and newspaper...looking forward to hearing it.

Pam - 9/17/2003 at 02:43 PM

Alright CanPeach! You will like it a bunch. It is a great CD! First things first is my favorite.

Dusty - 9/26/2003 at 01:56 AM

kinda funny that song came from on the old ABB website GB,,, someone posted what was the Music on Brother Duanes grave stone.. and I told him "Little Martha" ....the next day ,, I was outside playing,,,on a gray and dreery day and thought about it,,,, and started playing......and it took off...some of that mojo music LOL and when I hit the last harmonic note,,the sun came out,,,,theres more to the story,, but next time,,,,,,,,,

the CD .... well, its was a first solo effort.. and I mean solo...I take the blame for all of it,,,,,no one was around to stop me hehehe.... I picked songs that were trying to get me through a very hard time, and I guess I did ............cause Im still alive......
.... no one adjust the levels as I played,,, I'd get up.. set them the best I could... and play,,,,, just 2 mics and one mic on my foot board .....and Mastering,,, whats the heck was that????? lol....but its old now,,and the Blues Editor liked it at and it took off..even ended up in the Christmas Catalog 2000...LOL
..funny how things happen and set the path to other things.... and I never expected to still be here................but I am.

Dusty - 12/6/2003 at 07:49 AM

I just loaded up my player with 6 different promo releases from Oasis record who did my last one,,, very good all round acoustic music. .. I'm gonna be on the next one just one song,,, my solo song "Cloud's'with some other Oasis folks and they send it out to about 500 radio stations,, and do a show on the 3 hr show on the Sirrius Satallite Station... Oasis is the best label to be on when your Indi

CanPeach - 1/9/2004 at 10:24 PM

ABB 8-01-96, sweet soundboard...thanks bigeasy

CanPeach - 1/11/2004 at 02:48 AM

"Blue Sky">Phil & Friends 9-25-03, official soundboard release I just downloaded. Very nice.

Dusty - 1/11/2004 at 02:32 PM

just got some great music from Val and Tip ,,, and listening to the Mule with the ' Duke ', Val did'ent know who he was till I told her...

CanPeach - 1/13/2004 at 08:36 PM

"Copper Kettle", Bob Dylan:Self Portrait. A great song about a moonshiner.

Dusty - 1/14/2004 at 06:19 AM

I dont recall if I have that Album,,,I like Dylan alot,,,hhmmmm thanks...I'm gonna have to check it out

CanPeach - 1/16/2004 at 01:30 AM

Dusty, that was the album that threw people a little, it came out right after the classics "Nashville Skyline" and "John Wesley Harding". Its mostly covers, the only time Dylan ever did this, it was a double album, but had some nice moments.

Right now I'm listening to ABB 6-24-96, thanks Jonesy

CanPeach - 1/19/2004 at 05:51 PM

"So Many Roads", Grateful Dead from 7-09-95. One of my favourite Dead songs

Dusty - 1/19/2004 at 06:32 PM

aaaahh that Dylan, I have so many records.. seems I start looking for one,, and then pull out about 10 others... and forget the one I'm looking for LOL...

I got a funny story about the Dead and Toronto, back at the Festival Express at the CNE exibitation....1970.....Ill get my thoughts togeather about it,, cause I dont want it to be as long as the Lanaroo story Im thinking about it now,, it kinda runs in a dozen direction... kinda like a loose dog.....

CanPeach - 1/20/2004 at 08:23 PM

Would love to hear that one Dusty. Exhibition Stadium is only a memory now, torn down awhile back Saw the Allman Brothers for my first time there in 1990 on their reunion tour

CanPeach - 1/22/2004 at 04:57 PM

"Shenandoah" by Dave Alvin from his cd "Public Domain: Songs from The Wild Land". A great collection of traditional and 'public domain' songs.

CanPeach - 1/23/2004 at 04:55 PM

"Willy The Wandering Gypsy and Me", Billy Joe Shaver, a great live show from Italy in 1997 I just got in a trade.

Dusty - 2/7/2004 at 03:19 PM

WOW the CNE is gone.... I remember getting there a day or so before the start of the Festival Express..... as soon as we pulled up to the back of the Stadium...a unmarked police car pulled up.... and the first thing I tought,,," Busted"....but they were the coolest cops... they started talking about drug programs.centers and help if we need it while we were in Toronto..and gave us a few flyers about the programs....then told us to have a great time....
I remember smoking hash with some of the motorcycle cops a few days later... and they were pulling 'hole shots' and burning rubber on their bikes....and I thought..."why cant it be like the usa........'
damn shame were still dealing with this bull **** Probihition on a herb!!!! gggrrrrrrrrr

CanPeach - 2/9/2004 at 08:21 PM

Small amounts are basically a fine here now, the law is close to being passed legalizing it but no one knows when, this way the government can grow its own primo brand of dope and put the dealers out of business, they hope! If there's money to be made, you can bet our govt. will get in on it. Right now they are growing pot in a secret location in a mine somewhere in Manitoba, mostly used for medicinal use, no one knows how big the operation is....or how to get a job there

Dusty - 2/14/2004 at 02:44 PM

quote from Neil: Right now they are growing pot in a secret location in a mine somewhere in Manitoba, mostly used for medicinal use,
I do the same , but its not in Manitoba hehehe

raydrums - 4/22/2004 at 12:45 AM

Hey Dusty,

It's been a while since you posted here. What ya been listenin' to these days?

Dusty - 4/27/2004 at 03:41 PM

hhmmmmm....the ABB in Charlotte Instant Live right now and in the player.....
'Dark was the night...' Blind Willie Johnson
Yoakun Texas Blues, by my friend Lucis Parr,who's a cousin of the late Albert Collins
Charlie Musslewhite,One night in America
Jimmy Hall,Rendezous with the Blues
and the ABB 'Hittin' the Note'

Dusty - 9/10/2004 at 03:56 PM

both CDs from George Harrison's .. All Things must Pass
the lastest from Buddy Guy... Sweet tea
Osmu Kitjima... the Source..meditation stuff.....
and Spyro Gyra... Collection
....all rainy day/ mood music....but its time to change ...cause the sun is shinning in my back door today

boopinkbutterfly - 5/7/2008 at 02:18 AM

My CD contains my favorite songs and movies. I surely keep it. I just don't display it anywhere.. I love my Cd's so much. Anyhow I'm a teenager but I love to listen old songs such as the songs of the Beatles, Bob Dylan and many more. Those singers sing songs that fits the taste of the youth for all time=)

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Dusty - 1/26/2009 at 06:33 AM

Been listening to alot of early Allman Brother's with Duane...I guess Ive been always doing that .... and Derek's New release!!!!
In My SUV, its always Liz Reed from the Fillmore.......over and over again... so much, I know my destination.. by how many times I have to play it before I get there...hahaha

CanPeach - 6/22/2009 at 12:56 AM

My car is rumbling along with Dickey Betts & Great Southern from the HOB; 3-14-09. Nice version of Jessica!

CanPeach - 8/1/2011 at 02:43 AM

Steve Earle's latest: "I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive".

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