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March 19, 2019
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Hittin' The Web with Dusty Sommers FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

Category: Main -> Biography

·  How do I contact Dusty Sommers?
·  What are Dusty's Ride's /Contracts?

·  How do I contact Dusty Sommers?

You can email Dusty here. Or drop him a Private Message here on the site.

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·  What are Dusty's Ride's /Contracts?

Basic Requirements
for a Solo gig,the stage must be12x12, Dusty will provide mic's and stands along with a chair,footstomp board and a 5 by 11 Indian rug....
the venue will provide a standard PA with monitors...and Security.
the Dressing room will have a bathroom with shower,mirror and 2 large clean towels and 2 small hand towels...
also included will be a 6 pack of bottle water, 3 chilled, 3 room temp....2 bottles of grape Nehi pop and 2 bottles of Nehi Root Beer
A buffet plate of assorted meats ( no Mystery meats!!Thanks for that tip,Arlo) fresh fruit plate,gummy bears and select pastrys...( this is a wish Ride lol )

Prices range from 350.00 to 500.00 depending on location plus travel expensives,( motel, gas ect )and all 'riders'are negotiable...
for a group gig....duo, trio. quartet...Acoustic or Electric...are also negotiable....actually any reasonable offer will be considered ;)

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Email to book Dusty or for more information.
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